Powder coating

Our modern powder paint shop with high efficiency and the highest quality paints will ensure the excellent quality of your products.

After a recent modernization, the Arcom paint shop operates in a loop of 5 sections: hanging and stripping, washing, drying, varnish application and a baking oven. It has a total length of 260m.

At the entrance and exit of the line there are manipulators that allow for loading and unloading structures weighing up to 250 kg.

Our experience shows that the preparation of the surface of the painted element is crucial for a durable paint coating. Our line cleans metal in five steps: degreasing – washing + degreasing – rinsing with water – rinsing with demineralized water – passivation.

The high quality of surface preparation is also ensured by the double DEMI water station and the use of top brand cleaning agents.

The next stage on the detail painting path is a powder booth with the latest painting equipment from a leading manufacturer in this field. Thanks to the improvements, the application itself measures the element and selects the optimal parameters for applying the varnish coating, which significantly reduces the consumption of paint and the cost for the customer.

Typical coating thicknesses are in the range of 60-80 碌m.

The burning furnace with a total length of 50 m gives us the ability to paint elements with dimensions:

  • 12000x2500x800 mm in a straight line
  • 3000x2500x800 mm on an automatic line

Curing of the paint cover takes place at a temperature of about 160-200 岬扖 in accordance with the data sheet of the paint used.

A well-functioning system for handling external orders is one of the important elements for which customers return to us with subsequent orders.

Thanks to a safe and responsible post-production waste management policy, we are environmentally friendly. We do not emit any harmful substances to the ground and water.

The greatest advantage of our painting services is our staff. Several years of experience and tens of thousands of various details covered with powder paint make us open to any challenge. We are constantly improving ourselves to meet the most demanding orders.

We invite you to cooperate!