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About us

We specialize in the production of storage and transport systems and are the European industry leader. Our main strength is a qualified and ambitious team of employees. We offer many years of experience supported by modern technology.

Our solutions increase the market competitiveness of Arcom’s clients. They allow optimal use of storage space. They ensure safe storage and transport of products. They bring a significant reduction in storage costs.

Our mission

We will offer services and production of industrial products made of steel and non-ferrous metals in the scope of “Design and manufacture of metal structures used in the storage and transport of technical products”.

Our efforts will be aimed at building business trust by keeping our commitments. Arcom will be an honest, professional, credible and ambitious company. It will support its customers by providing them with products and services that increase their market advantage.

Our vision

Thanks to modern technologies, experience and ambitions of our team, we will be competitive and effective.

The Arcom brand will be associated with reliability, modernity and credibility. We will be a company that provides safe, stable employment and a chance for personal development to all our employees. Out of concern for the environment, we will strive for zero emissions.

Key facts

  • We have been building experience since 1996.
  • We have equipped over 1200 warehouses.
  • We have delivered to over 60 countries.
  • We produce more than 100,000 racks per annum.
  • We offer over 250 various stillages.