Max load:


Tyres arrangement:

Length [mm]

Width [mm]

Height [mm]


Universal rack for tyres

It is a foldable steel rack with a load capacity of 1000 kg . It can be stacked with a forklift into a 4 -level stack with a height of nearly 9 m . The basic equipment includes 8 R02 bars.

• Tyre storage – tyres are stacked vertically on this rack. Position of the bars can be changed. Thanks to this, AR05 MIX can be used to store tyres in the diameter range of 480-790mm . It is an ideal solution for warehouses storing tyres for passenger cars and SUVs.

Options and variants:

Powder coating in any RAL colour.

AR05C MIX “C” in the names of our products means matching the dimensions to the sea container. These products are about 10cm shorter than the standard. Functional parameters and selection of options remain unchanged.