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Tyres arrangement:

Length [mm]

Width [mm]

Height [mm]


Tire display trolley

A modular product for the presentation of tyres and wheels for passenger cars, with particular emphasis on the SUV class.聽Maximum聽diameters up to 690mm聽.

We offer our customers great freedom in choosing the configuration of this product.聽The basis of the trolley is the ARE5 BASE module, to which you can order:

  • side boards with the SIDE LOGO logo,
  • top TOP LOGO advertising board,
  • PRICE TAG price strip,
  • cassettes for LEAFLET catalogs hung on the side.

The whole thing can be equipped with strong Casters wheels and gain additional mobility inside and outside the store.聽TOP and SIDE LOGO advertising boards can be made of PVC or steel, and in addition, we can cut almost any shape in it thanks to the possibilities offered by laser cutting.