Basic mezzanine

Seasonal hotel for wheels and tyres

It is a system of corridors and platforms made of steel gratings based on Arcom racks.聽It is characterized by a modular structure, ease of assembly and disassembly and solid workmanship.聽Depending on the layout of the warehouse, the system can contain any number of loading and unloading platforms.

Arcom supplies a complete set with stairs, gates and safety elements.聽9 system modules have been designed in such a way that the user is able to assemble the whole on their own, using basic tools.聽The customer can choose the “mesh” of the 33脳33 mm or 33x11mm grating depending on his preferences.聽The only elements anchored to the floor are the load-bearing columns of the loading platform.聽This enables easy and cheap reconfiguration of the corridor layout and expansion of the facility.

Arcom platform system is used as a warehouse for online stores selling any goods stored in baskets or cartons.聽It is also often used as a seasonal wheel and tyre storage hotel.聽Arcom offers a wide selection of trolleys adapted to the transport of various materials.

Arcom will prepare the concept of mezzanine system for you for free!