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Tyres arrangement:


Length [mm]

Width [mm]

Height [mm]


Rack for tyres and packaged goods

This is a foldable steel rack with a load capacity of 1000kg. It can be stacked with a forklift into a 4-levels stack with a height of nearly 9m.


• Storage and transport of tires – this rack will fit up to 100 passenger car tires arranged in a laced pattern. Our customers use it also for storage of tires for motorbikes and bicycles.

• Storage and transport of products in a variety of packaging – AR01 is used to store a variety of goods in cardboard boxes, wooden crates, bags and plastic or metal containers. It has a usable height of 2m, which gives it unique storage options for large boxes. One AR01 fits two Euro pallets with a high load.

Options and variants:

P01 – it is a steel shelf with a load capacity of 500 kg. P01 allows you to divide internal space of the palette. You can mount 1 or 2 shelves on the AR01 rack.

Bottom – instead of a standard sheet, you can choose a steel mesh or a sheet with holes.

Powder coating to any RAL color.


AR01C – “C” in the names of our products means matching the dimensions to the sea container. These products are about 10cm shorter than the standard. Functional parameters and selection of options remain unchanged.