Gas cylinder pallet.

ARG22 is a steel container for storing and transporting of 12 cylinder 11 kg with propane gases. The containers can be stacked on 3-levels. It’s made of S235JR steel and galvanized according to EN-ISO 1461 for long-term corrosion protection. All profiles, pipes and sheets were produced in laser cutting technology, which guarantees 100% repeatability and no sharp edges. ARG22 has been designed for safe and ergonomic operation and safety in gas transport. The product is equipped with two holders for fastening belts and a movable closing frame. ARG22 is transported by forklifts lifting it from below. The gas cylinders rest on a solid floor made of steel profiles. Identification data is placed on a sheet plate with dimensions of 140 x 90 mm. At the customer’s request, it is possible to laser burn the company logo.