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Bolted pallet for cylinders with industrial gases

ARG33 is a steel basket for storing and transporting 12 cylinders 50 litre. This product is built of bolted modules and its assembly is carried out using the simplest tools. This particular feature enables the loading of a large amount of product into a sea container or on road transport. This means cheap transport over long distances. The second important advantage of the modular structure is the possibility of replacing individual components in the event of their damage during operation. This is a significant reduction in the cost when using ARG33.

It is made of S235JR steel and galvanized according to EN-ISO 1461 for long-term corrosion protection. All profiles, pipes and sheets were produced in laser cutting technology, which guarantees 100% repeatability and no sharp edges. ARG33 is equipped with belt holders. They can be used to fasten cylinders on three levels. The product has a hinged flap made of non-slip checkered sheet allowing for comfortable rolling in and out of the cylinder from the basket.

ARG33 is transported with forklifts lifting it from below. Empty baskets can be stacked on 3 levels. Gas cylinders rest on a solid steel grid made of 3 x 30mm flat bars with a 33mm mesh. Identification data is placed on an aluminum plate measuring 115 x 35mm. At the customer’s request, it is possible to laser burn the company logo.