Max load:


Tyres arrangement:

Length [mm]

Width [mm]

Height [mm]


Storage of heavy agricultural tyres

It is a foldable steel rack with a load capacity of 1300 kg . It can be stacked with a forklift into a 4 -level stack with a height of 9.6 m .


• Tyre storage – this rack holds tyres for agricultural and construction machinery.
Tyre diameter range – up to 2190mm (2090mm for container version C).
Due to the dimensions and weight of the tyres, the rack is designed so that tyres can be loaded and unloaded using a forklift.

Options and variants:

Powder coating to any RAL color.

*AR13C “C” in the names of our products means matching the dimensions to the sea container. These products are about 10cm shorter than the standard. The AR13C pallet is also 10cm lower than the AR13. *